We Have Entered the Climate Decade

We were pleased to be referenced in this article from Obvious Ventures about the need for greater diversity in the fight to address climate change.

4. The Next GenerationIn addition to demanding clarity on the impact of their purchases, Millennials and Gen Z also want to find impact in their work. According to one survey, 70% of Millennials are more likely to join companies strong in sustainability. This conviction in livelihood and purchasing intent seems only to increase with younger survey respondents — and there is no evidence whatsoever that it will slow down. As we’ve seen in recent elections the world around, the climate issue polls higher and higher with every new cycle. We also see a clear push to do this in a more diverse, inclusive and equitable way. Leadership at the grassroots level is everywhere (see EdictVCFamiliaBrowning the Green SpaceGreenTech NoirEarth in Color).

Read more here: https://worldpositive.com/we-have-entered-the-climate-decade-70b7f433271b