To drive diversity in clean energy, he connects dots and people

Kerry Bowie draws on a diversity of experience and a multidisciplinary background to make connections between people and ideas.

Kerry Bowie, SB ’94, MBA ’06, deploys a passion for streamlined efficiency to drive expansion and diversity. As the founder of Browning the Green Space, Bowie aims to advance equity and inclusion in clean energy. The coalition provides a pipeline for career advancement, access to capital, and adoption of green products in communities of color.

Bowie is also founder of the Majira Project — majira means “summer” in Swahili. In a nod to the growing season, Majira helps small businesses and startups led by people of color to grow. His like-minded organization, Msaada Partners — msaada is Swahili for “service” — supports underrepresented entrepreneurs with consulting on economic, environmental, and social problems and access to capital of all kinds….

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